Robbie Turner

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Robbie Turner is a BA graduate in history and politics from University College Dublin and has an MA in politics from the same university, with a thesis on the subject of community relations in north Belfast, he has currently just started for St Andrews his first year of study for a Ph.D. He is working towards a thesis with the working title of The “No Go” Areas in Northern Ireland 1969–72, under the supervision of Dr Timothy Wilson, a study of the barricaded areas of Belfast and Derry city where at first glance communities took control of their own areas effectively expelling the state. His interest lies very much in their political and social structure, how they where organised, to what level where they where a sort of community democracy, and to what degree where they influenced by the different paramilitary groups, and how controlled by or controlling of the no go areas where theses groups, how open where the no go areas to the radical political theory’s current at the time, how inclusive or exclusive where they, and of course their relationship within the wider conflict of Northern Ireland during the period. The research will look at the no go areas within an international comparative historical setting looking at possible similar movements such as the Paris Commune of 1871, the anarchists controlled areas of the Ukraine between the years 1919–1921, and during the Spanish civil war of 1936–1939, the Turkish Cypriot enclaves in the 1960s, and the “Log revolution”, the Serbian controlled villages in Southern Croatia in 1991.


Supervisor: Dr Timothy Wilson

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