Daniel Keenan

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Thesis title

The theoretical architecture of the 1998 Belfast Agreement: Is the accord SDLP policy writ large?

Supervisor: Dr Tim Wilson

Thesis Summary:

This thesis will examine the contribution of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) to the Northern Ireland peace process, to the ending of the IRA’s campaign in 1994–7 and its quitting the stage in 2005, and to the creation of new political structures in Northern Ireland, particularly the so-called “three-stranded” institutions now in place which deal with (a) internal Northern Ireland arrangements, (b) relations and structures between North and South, and (c) relations and structures between Britain and Ireland.

To do this it must analyse the effects of the lobbying by John Hume, party leader from 1979 until 2001, on other actors who were central to the conclusion of the Belfast Agreement in 1998, principally the British, Irish and US governments, the Ulster Unionist Party and the (Irish) republican movement over the course of what has become known as the Peace Process.

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E: djk3@st-andrews.ac.uk
E: dkeenan@irishtimes.com(preferred)

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